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NEWS UPDATE, Feb 20, 2018

Hello everyone,

First off, we ask for your patience while we work out the finer details for the transition of Victoria Karting to the new operator, Western Speedway.

Info/Racing Session – Feb 24th, 2018
Our intent is to hold an information session coupled to a fun/race day on Saturday Feb 24th to allow people an opportunity to ask questions, receive updates and a general meet and greet. We have decided this will proceed rain or shine and be driven by the people in attendance. Should the weather not be in our favor, and people still wish to kart, we will poll everyone in attendance and determine how people would like to proceed. Should the majority wish to kart regardless of the rain, we will proceed as such. Should the weather be against us, we will still hold an information session under the grandstands from 11am to 1pm with pizza and beverages. If we proceed with an information and karting session, we plan to have sign in at 11am, with a driver’s meeting/information session at 11:45 with karting immediately following (again with pizza & beverages mid-day).

Name Change:
Victoria Karting is rebranding itself to Vancouver Island Kart Racing, over the next several weeks, you will see our Facebook page transition to the new name and our website change, we are hoping to be able to forward the existing website to the new website once up and running.

There has been a lot of questions and request for information around the various classes, and proposed changes. Our intention is to provide for as much inclusiveness as possible within the karting groups. Our interest remains with promoting fun competitive sealed engine classes for both 2 stroke (Rotax) and the 4 stroke (Briggs LO206) classes. We will continue to allow Honda’s to run with the Briggs LO206 class with the hopes as people replace an engine or simply wish to upgrade that they lean towards a Brigg and/or Rotax option as the engine of choice. For the 4 stroke Briggs LO206 class, we are highly recommending that you purchase your engine from a Canadian distributor following ASN & Briggs & Stratton technical rules, or at least be aware of the downfall’s of not doing so. If you have a question and/or a concern, please reach out to Cory Meeres or Ian Walker.

Classes:4 stroke classes:
Junior 1 LO 206 (ages up to 11) - min. weight = 240lbs (yellow slide) – Honda GX-160 (no restrictor), GX-200 (purple restrictor)
Junior 2 LO 206 (ages 12-15) - min. weight = 300lbs (black slide) – Honda GX-160 (no restrictor), GX-200 (blue restrictor)
Senior LO 206 (ages 16+) - min. weight = 375lbs
Honda's (GX160/GX200) will run with the Briggs
Clones will run as a separate class within (i.e. be scored separate)

2 stroke classes:
Rotax Micro (ages up to 11) - min. weight = 235lbs
Rotax Mini (ages 10-13) - min. weight = 265lbs
Rotax Junior (ages 12-15) - min weight = 320lbs
Rotax/TAG Senior (ages 16+) - min. weight = 381lbs
Parilla(Leopard), PRD Fireball, X125-MX & TM Senior (ages 16+) - min. weight = 390lbs
X30 Senior (ages 16+) - min. weight = 400lbs
Vortex TT Senior (ages 16+) - min. weight = 405lbs
Motori Seven Senior (ages 16+) - min. weight = 410lbs
*** All senior 2 strokes will run as a TAG class, i.e. together ***
Please note that weights will be adjusted in order to keep competition even between the various engine manufacturers.

We intend to use 2018 as a learning / rebuilding year and will adjust rules as needed. Our intentions is to encourage people to move towards a sealed engine program (Briggs for the 4 strokes and Rotax for the 2 strokes) as this really helps with enforcing the rules and tech regulations.

*** We welcome constructive feedback and encourage questions to be directed to Cory Meeres and Ian Walker. ***

Transponders will be available to rent at a cost of $10 per event, or an annual pass for $75.00.

We will continue to endeavor to post all updates to both our Facebook page and website, however, on race day, or leading up to race day, Facebook will be the source of truth for updates. We highly encourage you to share our Facebook updates and forward our emails in increase the coverage. If you have not provided us with your email address, please do so by sending a private message to Ian Walker on Facebook.

Please like or comment on this post so we have an idea on numbers attending, for planning purposes.

Thank you,The Vancouver Island Kart Racing volunteers and workers

Click here for Rules re: Cdn Briggs and Stratton Specs

*** UPDATE ***
We are looking at running a fun karting day (weather permitting) on
Saturday Feb 24th. Our intentions is to re-group, discuss the upcoming changes and generally answer peoples questions. We would plan to have Pizza and pop brought in mid-day, and are trying to keep the costs down to $25 per racer and $10 per guest - Thank you to those who commented here, private messaged and emailed us with your preferences - Based on the feedback, we have chosen Saturday February 24th. Our anticipated sign in will be 11 am with runs starting approximately at noon. Stay tuned for further announcements. If you would like to receive email updates, please send a PM to Ian Walker.

UPDATE: January 2018

Western Speedway is pleased to announce that effective immediately they will become responsible for the day to day operations of local kart racing here in Victoria operating at Western Speedway. Among the many changes planned, most notably, the track would like to announce it's new fee structure for kart racing. Effective immediately, entrance fees per kart (and driver) will be reduced to $30.00, additional pit passes for non-racers will be set at $10.00 per person (free to watch from the stands). In addition, an annual scoring pass will be available for $75.00 (2018's schedule has 17 anticipated events) or you may choose to pay $10.00 per event should you wish to be scored/timed. Please stay tuned for exciting upcoming releases including 2018's calendar of events.

Western Speedway would like to extend their appreciation to the Reaume family for their continued dedication in maintaining competitive local kart racing here in Victoria and wish them well with their future endeavors.

Additional information will be available in the up-coming weeks. Thank you.

Welcome to kart racing on Vancouver Island !

Join us at Western Speedway and cheer the competitors on to Victory Lane.

We have classes for guys and girls of all age groups and welcome your interest. If you're a young gal and wanna show the guys you know how to drive to the checkered flag, this is the place. Don't be intimidated, we have novice classes and will walk you through the paces so you're comfortable on the track. We are passionate about mentoring new participants, young or "young at heart"!

If you're wanting to get your B.C. driver's license and want to get great driving experience and helpful advice from others, come out and participate with others your same age.

We're running 4-strokes, 2-stroke Rotax, and other classes and in case you're thinking this is "amusement category" equipment just wait till you see the Senior Rotax class put the pedal to the metal down the straights. We're talking wheel to wheel competition through the chicanes and excitement from the moment the flag drops.

Did you know we have adult classes for karts too? It's a blast and those cheering from the sidelines have as much fun as the drivers behind the wheel !


Some of our competitors go on to enjoy racing beyond karting! If you visit us on a race day you might see Josh Reaume, our local karting guy that is now a NASCAR driver. Josh still enjoys "wrenching" on karts as well as putting on his racing suit and testing his skills against other Senior Class drivers. 

Visit Josh's website to find out more by clicking here.